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ok i got tagged by leafeonwentcrazy... so .... um...  

1) How old are you? :3   -.- im not going to answer that -.-

2) whats your favourite pokemon? isnt it obvious, -.- BUIZEL!!!!!!
3) what do you think of Sylveon? -_-, its a awesome pokemon but i dont think it belongs in the eeveelutions
4) so far are you bored? c: nope :)

5) do you like the Espeon x Umbreon pairing? -.- (WARNING i may shoot you if you say yes, so your best lying) to tell the truth i kinda like it :D

6) HAVE YOU EVER BEEN KISSED?! O: and if so how many times?! no i havent been kissed... im a loner :c :icondesperateplz:

7) do you shower or bathe? ._. i shower :| 

8) whats your favourite season? i love winter :icononioncleanplz:

9) you you rather: Drink a cup of your moms period blood or your dads sperm? (and YOU CANT SAY NEITHER AND IT MUST BE ONE OF THOSE ANSWERS! HAHA!) ... well id prefer none... but if i had to choose one and it was for my life i would drink... period blood, YUCK!!!!!!!!!!! :iconvomitplz:

10) ;-; which pokemons cuter: Muk or Weedle? i think weedle is cute :)

11) if you had the choice of having every wish you made come true but die in a week (no you can not wish to live forever), or have every one at your school rape you but live forever?.............. i would wish to have never ending wishes

12) C: i cant think of a question so just say... P0TAT0! MASHED POTATO!

13) would you rather go to gamefreak and be the first in the world to play the full version of X & Y? or be able to transform into any pokemon you wanted to be but play the X & Y version when your 93? i would rather transform into a pokemon 

14) Laptop or Computer? computer


16) o.o which is prettier? Ninetails, or your mom? ._. ... -.- obviously my mum

17) would you rather be a Leafeon that changes colour with the seasons (Green, orange, brown, pink) or be a Glaceon what freezes everything it touches? id rather be a leafeon    

18) what do you think of when i say.................................... HIOWBTGOIWEBGOWIE?! (spam) i feel like you just said  HIOWBTGOIWEBGOWIE?!

19) what pokemon name to you is the most ridiculous? probably magcargo

20) what would you rather sleep with? Mew or Skitty?! oWo *grabs them both and huggles them!* MEW :icontardhugplz:
21) how many pokemon were there before the Black and White series came out? 493 pokemon =P

22) ._. how many gaming consoles do you have?... about 15 or 16 :icongameaddictplz:

23) >xD would you rather kiss your sister or bother or have sex with your pet dog?! ... kiss my sister or brother :|

24) 0: OMG SO CLOSE TO THE END?! WHAT DOES YOU WANNA DO AFTER?!... idk actully :\ :iconsweatdropplz:

25) o_o What would you do if Ash Ketchum came up to you and kissed you? (or any of the girl characters from the series) ... I WOULD SCREAM AT HIM!!!!!!!!!!!

ok now im suppost to say 11 things about me or something

1) my fav colour is blue

2) i found out what pokemon was whan i was 7 my big brother showed me

3) im not actually 13 its something no one will know 

4) on ourworld im... well my character is always different ^^;   

5) my fav sport is hockey 

6) im a bad drawer...  :\    

7) if i got 1 wish i would wish for never ending wishes  

8) in ourworld i hate it when peeps talk with caps on -.-

9) i was born on Melbourne cup day        

10) ... 2nd last one... idk um leafy told me what ourworld is 

11) ok last one... um ... my fav food is pizza

ok i think im meant to tag someone now.......

well the questions are 

1) do you like or love pokemon ( if love wats ur fav pokemon)

2) do you have an enemy on dA if so who

3) have you ever been tagged before? if you have what is one question you can remember

4) would you rather a: tranform into a pokemon but never see your family again or b: stay with your family but never play pokemon again.

5) what is your fav colour

6) last one :) would you rather kill your best friend or a family member?

ok the person im gonna tag is... :iconespeonwentcrazy: or :iconglaceonwentcrazy:


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I love pokemon, animals (especially dogs + cats)

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